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More than 30 years industry expertise & solutions

Designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland, the Jumbo Vac industrial vacuum range was created as a perfectly proportioned medium sized solution specifically for big cleaning problems.

This is the first medium sized vacuum with the power to take on the biggest cleaning jobs.

Anywhere there is a cleaning problem, our industrial vacuum cleaner can be the solution. Jumbo Vac can be used in any industry sectors to include:

Agriculture, Engineering, Woodworking, Fabrication, Sand / Shot Blasting, Powder Coating, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Electronics, Manufacturing, Food & Drinks, Animal Feed, Packaging, Distribution, Logistics.

The very powerful suction power of the Jumbo Vac range makes cleaning production areas a much faster and efficient task. Demonstration of the various models can be arranged on site so that you can see first hand how well the Jumbo Vac deals with large amounts of waste.

We cover the whole island of Ireland, UK and Europe and for customers and industries further a field. Watch our online product demonstration videos of the Dry, Wet & Dry and Floor Master being used in real industrial settings.

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Exceptional cleaning performance


Fast, Continuous Cleaning

Simply lower the Jumbo Vac Floor Master brush onto the floor and guide it along at walking pace – it’s easy to steer on its trolley and is comfortable to push.

Strong and Robust

The Jumbo Vac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is rugged, meaning that it can easily deal with heavy and challenging punishment in your work space, giving you years of reliable cleaning.

Wet & Dry Cleaning

For cleaning up water, oil and other spills from your warehouse floors, the Jumbo Vac Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners can be supplied with an optional front-mounted floor squeegee.


The wide range of accessories allow you to get into the tightest of spaces with ease. Hose can be supplied in lengths to suit your needs and long reach wands are part of the All Areas Tool Kit.

Upgrade your JumboVac

The JumboVac Front Floor Brush or JumboVac Front Floor Squeegee can be fitted to almost all JumboVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaners at any time.

 Aftersales Service & Customer care

All our industrial vacuums come with a standard 12 months Jumbo VAC warranty.

Part of our product and customer charter is to provide a full aftersales service to include, spare parts, accessories and product support post purchase.

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