HEPA Jumbo Vac XL Dry

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Industrial vacuum with HEPA H14 filter.


The HEPA Jumbo Vac XL 150 Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is perfectly suited to work anywhere you have a dry cleaning job.  Whether on a factory floor or wood working shop, Jumbo Vac is tough enough to take the rigours of any workplace.  The HEPA H14 filter is what’s needed when picking up fine or harmful dust such as from MDF.

With 3 x 1.2Kw motors the Jumbo Vac has massive suction power even through extra long hose; giving you better access for cleaning.

The HEPA Jumbo Vac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner has a capacity of 150L. It can be easily emptied either with disposable waste bags or lowering the drum onto the trolley handles and tipping out. Hose is available in lengths to suit your needs. The 63mm Ø 1m long gulper tool is ideal for picking up large volumes, fast.